The building of the tunnel across the strait is expected to deliver extensive benefits in the long term i.e. enhancing connectivity, spurring economic growth and developing socio-economics


  • A Game Changer in enhancing Connectivity

    Greatly improve communications between Malaysia and Indonesia and allow fresh impetus to relations between the two nations – allowing the entire Indonesia archipelago to be linked up to the mainland of Asia, besides extending further connectivity from China via Trans Asian Rail Links.

  • Spurring Economic

    Improve international trade, industrialisation, enhancing trade links contributing to macro-economic development in Melaka and Riau towards becoming a potential future logistic hubs due to strategic locations

  • Physical

    Develop physical development into a strategic logistic hubs i.e. Ro-RO, Ro-Pax service in Melaka/Telok Gong, and Dumai; and building container ports for import and exports

  • Catalyst of Socio-economic Development

    Develop Socio-economic in the surrounding communities i.e. transforming rural areas into vibrant commercial centers with own identity and creating jobs

  • New Business

    Cultivate new business opportunities i.e. expanding emerging industry clusters via links to new customers, new markets i.e. tourism, logistics etc. Ease of exports leads to manufacturing opportunities as well as improving availability of consumer goods

  • Monetisation

    Land value increases in the future from integrated development around the connecting points due to building of new roads and rail infrastructure in Sumatera i.e. Trans Sumatera Highway and the proposed High Speed Rail Malaysia to Singapore