Geological Evaluation

The crossing will be located in the narrowest channel of the Strait of Malacca from the northeast coast adjacent to Malacca in Malaysia to the southwest coast of Pulau Rupat in Sumatra, Indonesia.

The terrain near the coast of Malacca is mostly plain with flat topography, beaches and developed ground water systems. On the Indonesian side Barisan mountains lie in the west, while low terrains and wetlands are located to the north near Dumai.

Geology of Pulau Rupat

  • Quaternary marine deposit, thick alp overburden
  • The basement is Tertiary stratum with main bedrocks including calcareous shale, sandstone and siltstone

Geology of Melaka

  • Quaternary marine deposit, thin Qapl overburden
  • The basement is Cretaceous-Jurassic sandstone, shale and argillaceous sandstone.

The project area is located at the southern edge of Eurasian Plate, relatively stable tectonic zone, suitable for channel tunnel construction. According to the analysis of regional geological data, there may be a north-south plate suture zone connecting the east edge of Peninsular Malaysia and Sumatra. However, the project area will not be influenced.

Although located 100km from one of the main seismic zones, there are neither strong seismic recordings nor recent deep fractures in the project area. In December 26th, year 2004, M8.7 earthquake occurred in Sumatra Island. The geological structure is suitable for tunnel engineering construction. However, seismic safety design shall be fully considered.