Benefactor: Malaysia

As Malaysia steadily moves towards its goal of achieving developed nation status by the year 2020 it has already come a long way.

Capitalising on the hopes and dreams of it's population, Malaysia has been able to transform its economy from an agriculture and mining base to a competitive high-tech economy, where services and manufacturing now account for 80% of its GDP.

Indonesia is the largest economy in South East Asia with nominal GDP of USD500b. As the world's 4th most populous nation of more than 240m, it offers investors a vast home market, low cost and large supply of available labor resources. By 2050, Indonesia will rank no.8 based on GDP in PPP (USD6,346b), larger than the UK, France and Germany.

China will catch up to the U.S. in absolute GDP - to be biggest economy as early as 2026. By 2050, its GDP in PPP is projected at USD53,856b. China will expand economic ties with Asia and offer market of 1.3b consumers and through strategic investments. The project will help to maintain a strong friendship with China especially via strategic alliances and the proposed Kunming - ASEAN rail link.

The tunnel project will create vast opportunities for local contractors. This will directly enhance human capital development involved in mega projects, such as building skills as well as improve the competencies of local businesses.